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New to woodworking

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Hi all,

I just recently retired and now have time to explore new hobbies I was previosly too busy to do. Have just recently found the joys of woodworking and I'm having loads of fun. I just recently bought a dovetail jig and will probably have lots of questions on set-up and so on. Really enjoy the show and all the tips, but find I have somewhat of a hard time keeping up with all the methods used. I'm sure I will be asking questions of the more experienced woodworkers out there. I've tried finding classes for beginners in woodworking but due to the rural area I live in, I've had no success. I'm sure this will be a great forum to seek out some assistence.

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Welcome to the forums Steve. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
Steve, welcome to the community
Welcome to the forums Steve. Always a pleasure to welcome another retiree. I are one. This is a great place to ask questions, as we have the best woodworkers around (thats world wide).

the "Doctor"
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