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New toy for my birthday

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I got a gripper push block.,aps,155&sr=8-4
I know a lot of you guys already have this tool. Well I'm sold should of bought years ago. In fact order another out of stock won't receive until April 27.
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Great accessory. I only occasionally use two, but it's nice to have them when I have a long piece to push through the saw.
way to go Gary...
Thanks for your comments. I had ripped these pieces to 2 1/4 should have been 2 inch. Had to rip a 1/4 inch off the 4 pieces . Two pieces were 30 inches and two were 48 inches. So I decided to get the gripper makes job easier so wait until gripper came yesterday . Cut the pieces today.
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I have one, but I tend to grab the wooden push block that I hang on the side of the table saw.

The advantage of the Grripper is that if pushes on the workpiece three different ways, down against the table, forward into the blade and laterally toward the fence. It is the rubbery material on the bottom of each leg that allows that to happen, the lateral force in particular. I ordered a couple of 1/8th legs for narrow pieces. Very handy.
The thing I notice the gripper keeps the piece tight against the fence. No burning of the pieces. Before the cut may drift about 1/16 of inch end to end.
My wife had seen me look at the Grr-ripper multiple times while in Woodcraft but I never pulled the trigger, primarily because of the price. I'd always talked about the safety it brought to cutting and she must have been listening and evidently likes my fingers because she stopped at Woodcraft and bought it for me for Xmas. I have used it in multiple configurations and it has been an awesome addition to my shop - increasing the safety factor many-fold. One thing I was somewhat curious about was the set-up time and if it would be a hassle at times, but setting it up for different processes is a breeze and it makes cutting so much better than without - both in safety and in quality. I'm definitely a believer.
Art I got agree great addition no burn mark on rips.
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