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New toy

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Well I posted earlier this year that I was going to use my router again after ome medical issues that have been holding me back have cleared.

That didn't happen for a number of reasons and things are all packed up for another winter. I did manage to build a prototype portable router table that I can clamp in my workmate but that was it.

I however bought a new toy to play with. It was in the running when I bought my first router and was 70% off so I pulled the trigger on it. I have not used it yet. I did get it unpacked and started though seems to be powerful enough.

Details here:

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I bought 2 of those kits on sale this year for $100 each . Great deal

They are identical to some older Craftsman I have
Congrats on your new router Don , and glad to hear your back on your feet again. Keep us posted on your upcoming projects . You’ve probably heard we love pics :)
Congratulations on the new router.
I have a much older one that I believe is very similar but mine has blue plastics and a speed display. A buddy gave it to me for something I built for him. I didn't expect much from it but it has well out-lived my expectations. Have fun with it, Don.
I've had pretty good service out of my few Maximum tools. I did have the lock handle break on a 10" sliding compound miter saw and was told that the part was no longer available. It was still under warranty at the time so I asked what CT's policy is when that happens and was told that they'll offer a replacement tool when that happens and they did. Something to keep in mind just in case.
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