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I'd use 24V no matter which steppers you use.
Virtually no Nema23 sized steppers will run to their full potential on 24V. The optimum drive voltage is given by

V = 32 x sqrt(inductance)

Good low inductance steppers are around 2-2.5 mH and work with 48V, most sold in kits have much higher inductance, requiring 72-80V drive voltage. They will work with lower, but low drive voltage affects the speed they can run at, the drive current affects how much torque they have. Generally, with wood, you need decent speed to get the correct chip load at the rpms that routers or spindles turn. Generally want to get at or above 150ipm. Depending on the pitch of the ballscrews, may need higher rpm out of the steppers, hence the reason for higher drive voltage.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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