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New TS

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Well I FINALLY did it!!!!! :smile:

I broke down & bot a new TS--- Delta 36-5100
2 Cast iron wings & a steel table 30inch rails

Got tired of constantly adjusting the Ryobi BT3000

Got the Delta set up & adjusted without too much issue.

But---a question

I'm mentally building a cross cut sled & understand the fact that getting 90 degrees out of the box for the rear fence/guard/support is probably not going to happen on the 1st try.


was thinking that
a) put a threaded insert into the plywood base & drill an over size hole in the fence and use a long threaded rod or bolt so that I don't have to constantly redrill a hole as I try to make it square. Then when it's right just screw the fence down for good

b) put a cam gizmo (SORTA like a cam lock for knockdown furniture) in the plywood to make adjustments easier. But haven't found one yet.

If you were making the sled what would you do & if you know of a cam gizmo could you enlighten me?


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Smitty, congrats on the new table saw.

I've built my own sleds and found a lot of good video on it to help you along. It looks like you have some idea of your own and need further testing. Lots of sleepless nights thinking of improvements in your design. Best wishes.
search here for sleds and be overwhelmed...

Router Forums - Search Results
I don't have a shop built sled. Bought the Rockler sled that has a swing arm and allows you to cut angles from 90 to 50 degrees. It works very much the way you're thinking.

If your setup has the miter slot parallel to the blade, you can use a really good drafting triangle, set it up against the blade (not the teeth) and set the 90 by adjusting the back rail of your sled precisely to the triangle's base. This will pretty much do the trick. You don't set it to the fence because ideally you want the far end to be slightly out, about 3-4 thousanths, to avoid pinching the workpiece. I got the Rockler woodworkers triangle for this, $16, quite thick and precise

There are dozens of plans and videos on making a sled, both large and small sizes, and most work just fine. But if the blade and miter slot aren't parallel, you'll have trouble.

A final test of your sled will be cutting a good straight piece, then flipping one half and butting it to the other. If there is a gap, either on height or thickness, it's off.

Also, If you don't have one yet, go right now to Amazon and order a Wixey digital angle gauge. The new one has an illuminated screen and uses aaa batteries. Use this to get your blade exactly 90 to the table when you run that split test. In fact, keep it handy because you'll be amazed how easy it is to get the blade angle off. It's just$30 on Amazon.

If I'm making a miter cut, I use full kerf blades. In fact I don't use narrow kerf blades at all any more. They have a way of flexing so the miters don't match.

Congratulations on the new saw. I know my better quality TS made all the difference in how my projects turned out.

One other accessory I really like, but is kind of pricey, is a Woodpecker dial saw gauge. $95 on Amazon,aps,211&crid=17V61P88LNQHN. Looks like Pinnacle has the same thing for $80 plus $7 shipping. I don't use this very often, but nothing else lets me set the fence or check blade integrity with such ease and accuracy.

How about a picture of you smiling fondly with your new saw?
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Here is a link to the perfect cross cut sled.
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I think sleds should have a chunk of wood on the backside of the fence to bury the blade as it goes through the fence. I keep thinking about the consequence of having your thumb get in the path of the blade. Wouldn't take much of a distraction for that to happen. A block of wood would keep you from putting your thumb in harm's way.
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Smitty.... get at and build yourself a good, solid, reliable CC sled for starters. It don't gotta be fancy, its got to be functional and reliable. Go into Youtube.. there are zillions of video's of making a sled and how to set one up. Spend a couple of hours and see what catches your eye and which method may work best for you. Then have fun:
Goody Goody Goody!!!!!! A new toy.
I didn't have any problem getting mine square but I may have done mine differently. First you need to make sure that the miter slot and blade are perfectly parallel. I attached my fence to my plywood first and made certain it was flush to the back edge. Then I attached one end of my runner (single runner sled) to the sled. Holding an accurate framing square against the back edge and holding the runner against the other leg I finished attaching it to the sled. It's dead on.
I finally thought of the name for the cam thing that I posted in the original post
it's an eccentric bolt or washer

the only one I found so far are automotive---usually used in wheel alignment so those would probably be too big for a fence application
Maybe will try to make my own?!?!

If i could have figured out how to "edit" the first post I would have done it!

Obviously computer skills aren't my strong suit
Making an eccentric isn't complicated. Just take a round disc and drill a hole off center. The farther off center, the more eccentric it becomes.
yup!! was planing that.
going to use a knock-out from an metal electrical switch/outlet box

and yes I still have them floating around--- don't like the plastic ones
Got tired of constantly adjusting the Ryobi BT3000
Know what you mean!!! Wish I had never bought it.
search here for sleds and be overwhelmed...

Router Forums - Search Results
I got a very overwhelming "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms." when I clicked on the link. Do we have a new round of things not working right? I got rather frustrated this morning trying to paste in a link to another web site. I have never had such a problem before
We have a new round of things not all working right. Been two days now and not a word from Admin.
We have a new round of things not all working right. Been two days now and not a word from Admin.
John it's a secret. :grin:
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