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New Whiteside, Freud for Sale

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I was going through some of my tools this weekend and found a stash of items that I would like to sell.

I will list the item, part number, best online price I can find and what I am asking.

UDC9112 $124.95(ebay) asking $87.00 ($37.95 savings)
UDP9112 $124.95(ebay) asking $87.00 ($37.95 savings)
UDFT9112 $153.20(ebay/amazon) asking $107.00 ($46.20 savings)

If someone wants all 3 I will let them go for $260 ($143.10 total savings)

99-039 Finger Joint Bit $132.47(amazon) asking $92.00 ($40.47 savings)

All items are brand new and in the original packaging. All prices include USPS shipping within the continental US.

Paypal only please. Send me a PM and we can make arrangements.



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Freud Finger Joint Cutter sold pending funds.

The Freud cutter has been paid for, shipped, and delivered. Thank you Michael.

I really want to move these Whiteside cutters.

If a couple/few of you want to join together and get the trio price I will meet you half way on multi location shipping for the additional locations.

Stipulation on that deal is a single payment and all three cutters must be purchased at the same time.

Shipping will be via FedEx now thanks to the shipping department at work. They get corporate rates and ship daily so the cost is incredibly affordable.

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