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Newbee here and absolute beginner with CNC routing

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Hello to all you nice people.

I have been creating wooden rustic home decor over 10 years and have been an artist for most of my life.

I have been using a plunge router free hand making signs and plaques.

I am getting older and this past year I have been experiencing blurry vision and cramping hands when using the plunge router.

I decided to purchase a CNC machine to help alleviate these issues.

February 6th, I purchased a Bobs E4 CNC with a 24" x 24" cutting area. and received it on Feb. 15th.

I am brand new at this new skill set and have a LOT to learn.

I use VcarvePro, and use Vtransfer to send Gcode to the CNC.

My husband and I built the CNC inside the house, then moved it into the garage a few days ago.

I spent the last few days getting used to jogging, homing my CNC, and setting up material onto the spoil board.

I attached a 3/4" MFD on top of the CNC spoil board, ruled a 2" grid with a sharpie, and screw my material directly to the board. I make sure to leave 1/2" wast on top and bottom of the material to accommodate the screws. I use a flat edged exacto blade to scrape down the screw marks. I find this much easier than using clamps.

I even successfully ran couple of jobs.

I will have a LOT of questions, so I hope you are ready for me.

Today in Meadville, Pennsylvani we are experiencing a lot of snow so I am staying inside the house.

Thanks for reading

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Welcome to the forum, Karen!! And thank you for completing your profile! We ask that often but only about 1 in 50 do that, maybe 1 in 100.

We do like photos so show us that new CNC, your shop (unheated garage - get some heat!), tools, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

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Welcome to the router forum Karen
Sounds like your off to a good start
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Welcome to the forum Karen . I have an unheated garage also,but I’m in the great white north lol.
Looking forward to seeing your setup . I bought a cnc also, and am hoping to have it up and running this fall .
Like you say, a lot to learn
Welcome. When you replace your spoil board, use a V bit to carve a very shallow grid in it - .2 mm or so. Then you will be 100% lined up with your machine. A lot more accurate than a sharpie. Of course you should do that after you skim surface it to take out any of the inevitable irregularities of MDF.
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Welcome Karen. I am also new and this is a great place to be.
Welcome to the forum Karen.
G'day Karen, welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Karen. I think you'll find plenty of support from experienced CNCers on this forum. Good to see you've already jumped in and experimented. I haven't made that leap yet but maybe some day after I've mastered my other tools........and yes, please post pictures of you CNC and projects.
Hi Karen, and welcome to the Forums. Lots of good CNC folks here. There is a separate section for CNC here, but most active posts there show up on this feed.
Welcome to the Router Forums Karen. When you get ready to ask questions we will have a lot of opinions, and a lot of answers, we hope they will be helpful.
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