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Newbie at CNC routers; Mainly an electronics engineer

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Hi all,

I'm an electronics engineer with experience in electronics, PCBs, soldering, and troubleshooting using test equipment. Experience programming in C++, Python.

Just picked up a 3018 CNC MX3 to work on PCBs at home.

My younger brother is a mechanical engineering grad and we're both picking up work experience at home working on home projects.

I'd like to eventually work on a project together with him where we can use our skills to make something interesting and useful.
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Welcome to the forum! What kind of music do you engineer? Congrats on the CNC - they're a blast!
Welcome to the forum, @music_engineer

We have some knowledgable CNC buffs on the forum. Ask any question you want in the CNC section...
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum, looking forward to seeing your projects
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