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Newbie, Bit recommendations (spoil board / planing)

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I’m glad to be a member and look forward to participating in this forum.

my first question, here’s some background data:

K2 CNC (rebuilt with new servo motors)
4hp (3kw) spindle, 18,000 rpm
vacuum table (Becker vacuum)

I‘m looking to get a spoil board and planer bit. I am considering the Amana RC-2255-TG. Most of my work will be woodworking, as such surfacing / planning large boards and slabs will be needed. I’ve read reviews and comments from many and the Amanda bit comes up often. Here’s my question: is this a good choice, and other suggestions / considerations? Also, is there any ‘key’ to Amanda bit numbering system? They have similar bits but it’s hard to understand how they differ.

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m really looking forward to being a contributing part of this forum.
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Welcome to the forum.

Amana cutter.
That looks like a decent sized cutter....
Welcome to the forum.
This is the one I use: 1" Surfacing Bit For CNC Router, Spoilboard & Slab Flattenning, 1/4" Shank

The company is a small, one man, business who works with US based bit manufactures whose focus is on the small business/hobby business CNCer. All of his bits are very high quality.
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I use a generic 1.5” flat bit and it’s worked fine for the last six years. It was probably about $25.
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