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Newbie from northern Wisconsin

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Newbie from Northern Wisconsin interested in all things router related and wood working related. I’m always wanting to do some sort of project around my house (whether I have the time to or not). I’ve seen a lot of good things here and I’m really excited to try my hand at building a router sled to use my router as a planer.

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welcome N/A to the forums...

here is some light reading at this link to help you along in your quest...
Welcome to the forum! When you get a minute complete your profile with first name so it clears the N/a in the side panel.

Show us some photos of your projects when you're ready.

Ok will do

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Welcome aboard. If you do nothing at all but read the current threads you'll learn. This forum has a wealth of informed users and a willing educated bunch who share openly. If you question doesn't have a direct answer you'll likely be pointed in a direction that will get you there. Sit back and enjoy.
Welcome to the will like it here...very friendly and knowledgeable folks ready to help...
Welcome to the forum Aaron . Looking forward to seeing your projects . We love pictures:)
Welcome to the forum Aaron - if you're into routers, and woodworking in general, then you'll be glad you stopped in. There's a bunch of experienced folks here with a wealth of information. If you have any questions, just ask - and please take part in the discussions. As Rick said, post pics of your projects, 'cause we like pictures.
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Welcome Aaron,

You will enjoy learning from the vast amounts of knowledge and experience from our fellow woodworkers, welcome and don't be shy.

Welcome Aaron. This is a great place to stop a while and soak up the knowledge. Learn a few things from the years of experience willingly passed on.
Hi Aaron, glad you decided to join the fun. I love doing projects around the house, and even out in the community. Been doing that kind of DIY stuff all my life, and in the last decade (+) more precise and demanding woodworking projects. Feels good to see something get completed and in use.
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Welcome to the Router Forums Aaron.

Here is a link that has 2 different styles of skis made by members

There are also many other ways to skin that cat.
Welcome to the forum Aaron.
Welcome aboard.
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