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Newbie from Salem, Oregon

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Good day,

I am hoping to get into woodworking. I have been working on restoring my home in Salem OR, it's an arts and crafts bungalow built in 1924. This has been most of my experience so far when it comes to finish work. I would like to try my hand at cabinet and furniture making. I have rough carpentry experience as a framer, years back that is. I do know that woodworking is a skill you never stop learning. I'm looking to start small with boxes or something then work my way up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. That being said, I hope to learn from all of you.
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Welcome to the forum. There is much knowledge available, but only if a person asks.
Hey Bruiser, welcome to the forums, it's great to have you!
Welcome newbie Bruiser. Glad you decided to join our group. There is plenty of experience and knowledge here for the asking. A fine group of people to help when ever needed. Just ask. Again welcome.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Bruiser.
Welcome to the forums Bruiser
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