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Newbie says Hello to all!

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Am a newbie to this forum as well as to the wonderful world of woodworking. I built a ladder to get to my son's loft using a circular saw, a router and got hooked hammer, nail and powertools, so here I am now to learn from seasoned veterans of the art, I hope :smile:

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Hello and welcome to the router forum, Mike
Welcome to the forum Mike :)
Welcome to the forum, Mike.
Welcome to the forum Mike.
Welcome to the forum, Mike! Glad you're here so jump in on the discussions and post photos when you have projects.

Welcome Mike,

A wealth of knowledge is available from our members, all you have to do is ask.

Welcome, Mike,
I don't think there is any question that you could ask and not get a friendly knowledgeable answer here.
Welcome Mike, the only dumb question here is the one that isn't asked.
Hi All,

Thank you for the warm welcome :) Hope you all are having a great day today!

Can someone let me know what the proper venue is to ask questions, and also process to post pictures? I don't want to commit any inadvertent faux pas and cast a jinx on the work ;)

Thank You

Hey, Mike; welcome! It's pretty much like a barbecue here...bring some beer, steaks and ask away. If you get something in the wrong forum, the moderators will sort it out for you.
The only real 'rules' are no politics and no hassling of other members (except for Rainman; he loves being picked on... ;) )
You can post pretty much any topic in the 'Lobby'; doesn't have to be woodwork related.
You can also drag photos from your own desktop into the field just below your comment. The 10 post (anti-spam thing) doesn't apply to what's on your own computer.
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