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NEWBIE: Table Mounted Flush Trim

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I am new to routers and I have a question. I have a table mounted router with a basic fence. I set the depth of the cut without any problem. I start to cut and everything is going well. The problem comes when I get to the last part. The problem is the space between the part of the fence before the bit and the part of the fence after the bit. Since I am trimming the whole edge and the wood AFTER the bit is trimmed, when I get to the end of the wood the cut portion aligns with the post-bit fence making the last section cut twice as deep.

Am I doing something wrong or am I missing a trick?

I hope that I explained it well...
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Your trying to trim off a small amount of material, right? If so this is a jointer operation and needs to have the outfeed of the fence set up even with the flush trim bit and the infeed needs to be set up to a depth which matches the amount you want to trim.

Check out the "The principle of the Jointer Fence"....
Thanks Rick and Bob for the info I had the same problem. Didn't know exactly what I was doing wrong. Now I know.
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