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I would be afraid of twits on the Millright CNC because of the open gantry design. I have heard mixed comments about Shapeoko and many were wishing to buy a different CNC. The Probotix machines usually get good comments and most of the people I know that own them like them. I like the double Y axis drive so you have an open bed design, opens more possibilities to you.

As far as laser add-ons there are several on the market but you do need to research and see if the control software will allow you to use a laser. If the CNC uses proprietary control software then they will have to provide the correct drivers to run a laser attachment.

A lot of people do buy a CNC with the thought of selling it later to buy a new one. If it does not have any resale value then you are back to square one and paying for a new machine again. If you can afford a little more then I would buy a better machine first.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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