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Newbie to the group

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Hi, I am John from Sweden and am quite the amateur woodworker but so enjoy working with wood and creating. Just now I have an interest in sign making for myself and friends. I am looking forward to getting some great information from you more experienced folks and growing my skills. Hello to all and tack så mycket (thanks very much) for allowing me to join your group.
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Glad you decided to join the fun. Lots of expertise here and we like answering questions.
Hello and welcome to the router forum. John
Welcome to the forum forum John. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it here , and don’t forget we like pictures:)
Welcome to the Router Forums John.
Hi John and welcome. We have a few other sign makers here some with a few years experience doing it. One other new member who joined this week was asking for information on making signs. This link will take you to that thread: Maybe there is some information in it that can help get you started.
Welcome to the forum John.
Welcome to the forum. Ask questions as that is how we learn.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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