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Newbie to this Forum

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At last a Router Forum of our own. No more taging on to a general Woodworking forum for router questions.

My name is Roger Harris, living in Stratford, Onario Canada. I am retired; I've been a router enthusiast for several years. I have an Elu that has never ever given me trouble. I built a floor stand for it almost right away. It is never out of the table as I have also a small Craftsman (Not a plunge type) that I use very little. I use my Elu more than any other piece of equipment except the table saw. I also like Scroll Sawing, do a little relief carving, and keep my 5 girls in shelves of all types. My specialty is finishing (Staining and clear coat) as prior to retirement, I sold these products for 12 years.
I'll be happy to contribute where I am able.
P.S. I'm a Rosenthal fan and try to never miss an episode of Router Workshop!
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Hi and welcome Roger.
Stratford is about 40 mins from where i live. near Brussels,listowel area.
welcome aboard Roger
Hi Roger. Welcome. I'm in Windsor.
Hi Roger, welcome to the forum.
I'm in making sawdust!
Welcome to the forums!

Hello Roger, welcome to the router forums. Even if this is a router forum, you can post on scroll sawing or finnishing. You sound like a nice addition to a great forum.
Welcome Roger
From the other side if the earth Western Australia. I only have one comment I am sorry to hear that you have the router in the table permanently except for a fixed base router.
Learn new skills with the router by introducing the Template Guides this will also introduce greater safety awareness and I must say will enable you to produce a greater variety of router Projects.
As you can see by the name Template Tom I work a great deal with the guides introducing a safer method of using the router so safe that Blind people have produced some interesting projects over the past Four years I have been associated with the School for the Blind here in Perth Western Australia. I have posted some of their work, log on to my past posts I have submitted to see some of their work.
Enjoy your retirement and have fun with your router.
I also have retired and I am creating new ideas on how the router should be used.
The latest Jig I produced is trimming with the router without the need to insert it in the table. It is quicker and Safer
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Thanks to all of you for your welcome!
It certainly started out as a very friendly forum.
I'd like to learn more from you, template tom!!
I'll be chasing down some of your past postings to see what you have included as per your suggestion. You might have the answer to a whole new Tangent of interest.
Blessings and keep posting......all of you. That's how the rest of us learn new things,
Roger from Stratford, Ont., Canada.
Gee whiz, if we get any more members from Ontario we will be able to open our own chapter of Possum Lodge! (If that statement makes no sense to you please investigate: )
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