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Newbie with Dewalt DW618 question

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I am setting up a garage DIY shop. I was at a local pawn shop and they had a new in the box DW618PKB router kit for $130 with tax. Since I purchased it I been looking online and there seems to be a lot of issues with the speed control magnet failing especially if the router is mounted in a table. Did I make a bad purchase? I would like to make a router table and mount this router in it but now I am having second thoughts. Does anyone have experience with this router mounted in a router table?
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I have a DW618 and I have used it almost exclusively in a table for several years (5 or 6) and the only problem I have encountered is a need to replace the bearings.

I have a homemade table and after doing under the table adjustments for a couple of years, I splurged on a Jessem Router Lift II so I could do adjustments above the table. Great addition
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