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My name is Stew, I'm married with two daughters and four grandchildren.
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Hello Stew welcome to the router forum.
Welcome to the forum Stew :)
Welcome to the forum Stew.
Welcome to the forum, Stew.
Nice that you could join the fun. Lots of UK folks here who understand the differences between UK and US.
A howdy and a Welcome to the forum from Texas Stew.
Welcome Stew. The help(if you should need it) flows like gravy here. There is meat in every answer. Most have "bean" there, done that. It's a peas-ful place.
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Thanks guys. Been woodworking for quite a few years but never really used my routers to there full potential, however I'm hoping that will change and I will probably be asking lots of questions.

Hi, I am Anne. I am a newbie here. I am a hardworking, punctual and safety conscious baker who has a considerable experience. Currently, I am working with Winni, a place from where you can order cake/flowers/chocolates/soft toys/greeting cards and much more in no time and can surprise your loved ones.
Welcome Stew!

Say what? Rick is Anne and selling baked goods in India?!?!?! Shouldn't this be moderated?
Welcome and all the best. As another newbie I look forward to hearing of your projects. :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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