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Hi I am new here! I have run ucancam v10 but recently had a crash and have to reload but am unable to find a download. I have the dongle but no luck with the downloading.
Any help is much appreciated!!

Thank you,
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Welcome to the forum, Eddie! Unfortunately, I don't know anything about that particular software but others here might.
But there is only downloads for V 12.X available.
OP will have to pay for a new dongle (software license) if he downloads UCANCAM 12.x instead of V. 10.X
Hope some user who has the v10.x CD will send him a copy.
A quick search for Ucancam V10 shows it's available from multiple sources but I didn't check out any of them. Could one be legit?
Welcome to the forum Eddie.
Welcome and hope that difalkner's links get it done.
I have checked all the links found in "DUCK DUCK GO" and all of them points to UCANCAM's website which means that all the links cannot find UCANCAM ver. 10.5 any longer. also doesn't have any archived copy saved.
G'day, and welcome to the forum,
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