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Hi every one my name is Treker I'm a new user of the router and would like to know what is the best timber to create jigs out of.

Thanks to all
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Hi Treker

Just my 2 cents :)

I like to use Poplar and MDF when I can because it's clean and knot free most of the time and it mills well ,plus it's holds up to wear .
Most jigs you make and use, you will say I know how can make this work better so you set off and rework it just a bit to fit your needs and poplar/mdf will let you do that quick and easy unlike some of the hardwoods and plywoods.

see one I made using poplar below

Bj :)
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Hello treker and welcome to the forums.
Hi treker, welcome to the router forums. For making jigs, MDF is a very popular choice.
Welcome treker and I have to agree with the others on the MDF for jigs.
Thanks to all your suggestions have helped a lot MDF turned out to be the most practicable and cost effective.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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