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Hi, :)
I my name is Bob. I am an woodworker from a few years back. Some say I am a tool collector, but I actually do work on a project now and then.
When it comes to routers I have a lot to learn and have learned some lessons from the University of Hard Knocks. I am sure there are more on this forum who has had some of the same education. Unfortunately I have 3 Crapsman routers and 1 Ryobi.. Oh well, one good hard wood project will take care of those..

Bob :D
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W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

Hi Bob... you will like it here.
drsmtl said:
Unfortunately I have 3 Crapsman routers and 1 Ryobi.. Oh well, one good hard wood project will take care of those..

Bob :D
Hey welcome to the forum! Don't be too hard on your craftsman routers. I started with a craftsman. Had 3 at one time. Still have my first one and it works just fine. But there are better routers when you have some extra cash. Looking forward to your posts!

Welcome to Router Forums Bob.
Bob, welcome to our friendly and helpful forums. We have a variety of boards to choose from. I would suggest that you check them on a regular basis and jump in and participate whenever possible. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.
Thanks guys.
Dr. Zook, What if you make more firewood than you can burn? Some if mine would probably be a project for pen turners. At the present I am hoarding a barrel full of Yellow Poplar scraps left from 4 cabinets for my wife's sewing room.


Do like I do Bob. Bundle or bag them and put them in front yard with a forsale sign on them. LOL Even my neighbors said enough is enough. :( If you are making that much scrap, it means you are in the shop working. ;) Hope to see more posts from you Bob. :D
Welcome aboard Bob......

Looks like you are going to fit right in.
Hey Bob:
How about using the scraps to make little wooden cars/trucks etc for little kids.
That's what I the dozen, then send them out to the mission fiels in Zambia for the hospitals & refugee camps.
That is a great idea. Being the car/truck person I am that would fot right in.. We cook and serve meals to people at the United Caring Shelter, some with small children who would probably appreciate them..

Dave, I have tried the bag & curb trick but they got wise to me..

In my neighborhood if you put a for sale sign on the bags somebody will steal them. You get rid of it either way. :p
Everytime I put a for sale sign out someone wants to make a trade. It's usually a biger piece of junk than I'm trying to get rid of.. :)

Welcome to the forum, there is lots of great information, and lots of knowledgeable people.
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