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Hello all, I'm 58 and retired about 6 years ago. I've been living at our Whiskey Lake Alaska property which is 80 miles from the nearest road. In the Summer we access the property in our float plane and in the winter we can access it by snowmachine or ski plane. Usually we stay here in the Summer and RV in the Southwest in the Winter. However, due to the current hysteria we have decided to stay here and its our second full Winter. I'm finally getting to build a wood shop which has been a lifelong dream. I'm in a temporary 20x10 now but I insulated it this Summer and it's comfortable with a Kerosene heater. I'm designing a 24X40 shop and might be able to start on that next summer. I bought a used router table and realized the first time that I used it that it was pretty much worthless so I'm now looking for router table ideas. I'm somewhat in shock at how expensive the components are! I have a jointer, table saw, planer, sawmill, and I'll receive a Jet 14" SFX bandsaw as soon as the river freezes up enough for the freighters. Ha, that is another story! The water levels dropped last Fall before I could get my load in and we couldn't get the flat bottom freight boat to the lake behind us (we can't get a boat to Whiskey Lake) so I've had a new Snowmobile, Bush Hog, and metal roofing sitting in Willow for MONTHS now.

Anyway, Thanks for the add.
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum, Steve.

You can keep your Alaskan Winters to yourself, thanks....

Here in Sydney if it gets down to 0°C, I am cold,,,,,
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