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Newcomer to here and to routing...

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My name's Greg and I'm new to routing but hope to learn a lot here. I bought a PC 690 kit with the plunge and fixed base, and I just ordered a Hitachi MV12 for a dedicated table router.

It seems that the router itself is one of the lease expensive parts of this hobby...the table, top, plate, fence, bits etc., etc... :'(


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Welcome kgregc to the forums. There is a lot you can learn here and if you have a question, ASK.

the "Doctor"
Hey greg, welcome to the forum!
I am also faily new to routing...any suggestions on where to find help? I am interested in raised panels and moreso the process of rail and stile routing....I am so lost
Big daddy, if you have any questions regarding routers, simply ask on the forums, im sure you'll get many answers with lots of information.
Welcome to the forums BIG DADDY. I'm sure you will find an answer on this forum.

the "Doctor"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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