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I am retired and own a plunge router which I am currently installing in a shop built router table. I've watched, " Router Workshop" for years until it was discontinued from the programing on our local PBS station. Miss it. I recently purchased Carol Reed's router book and found it very useful. I'm hoping this forum will be helpful to a novice like myself. Bill
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Welcome Bill. You will find a wealth of information here. Please feel free to ask about anything. Sometimes another persons explanation will shed light on a confusing subject.
Another retiree

Welcome retired Bill Jay, glad to have you as a member of the Router Forums. We here are one big happy family of woodworkers. We are an International forum with members from around the world. (even down under) :p We have many kinds of experienced woodworkers willing to answer your questions. Please ask. :cool:
Hey Bill Welcome to the forum. Always glad to see another retiree join up. You can still watch The Router Workshop on your PC at:

It has all kinds of woodworking shows 24/7 including TRW.
Welcome to the forums!

Hey! There's Billy Jay!

W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

You will have a ball! Enjoy!
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