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Shout Out to Nextwave Automation
Had trouble with the vacuum brush that would not stay on, called Nextwave told them my problem, they said no problem we will send you A new one, right away
problem solved
It is always nice to get quick quality service from a company. Thank you Nextwave

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Wow, what the hell, when I had the same problem they completely refused to give me any help. I didn't even get a consultation for further action. "Unfortunately, we can't help you, goodbye." That's what I got from them. I had to look for a cheap replacement until I found one 1764-LRP | In Stock! ✅ | Buy Online | Allen Bradley - PLC MicroLogix 1500 - Ships from USA where there were several models that were previously used by other owners. I didn't even think they could send a new model right away. That was a few months ago, but I could still save a few hundred bucks on this! I hope this doesn't happen next time. It is a pity that I saw this post only now. I'm sure I could arrange a replacement.
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