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I hope this helps someone unless it has already been posted. I own a Makita router and it has depth stops but no graduated fine adjustment for depth. I have found a great way to get around this.
If I want to creep down on a finished size down to a depth. I come down in 1mm increments using drill bits in between the stop rod and the stop. eg start at 7mm for example then come down to a 6mm drill and so on.

Another way to finely adjust depths is by using feeler gauges. I can successfully creep down to a depth this way. eg if I want to drop by 0.2mm, at depth, release stop rod and place a 0.2mm feeler gauge in between rod and stop base and reclamp. This leaves a 0.2mm gap and you simply bring down router to new stop. If you are 0.2mm too deep and want to bring up the depth, bring router down on top of the feeler gauge, take feeler out then reclamp the stop down to new depth.
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