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No. 7604-03

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Does anyone know where I can get a manual for my B&D router No.7604 Type 03
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Welcome to the forum Frank. I used to pass through Ardmore regularly on my way to Gulf Shores when I was young. There is one for a model that's close Frank and one for the parts list and exploded diagram. Maybe that will help. What did you need the manual for?
Black & Decker Router 7613-04 User Guide |
Black and Decker 7604 Parts List and Diagram - Type 3 :
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I just picked up this router as an extra. I couldn't pass on the $14.00 price. Unfortunately the bare tool is all that was available. I want the manual for instructions, etc.
Thank you for your reply.

P.S. Ardmore is still a two street town.
Thanks Cherryville.

Very informative post!
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Frank, did you find the correct manual? If you did please post it in our router reference section here:

Router Reference - Router Forums


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Hi, I have a Black & Decker model 7613 type 3, that my dad gave me. Can anyone tell me which wires go to the switch?
Hi Theo, welcome to the Forum. Amazing how much folks know on here, isn't it.
Welcome Theo. I checked the schematic I listed earlier but half of the parts on the schematic are listed in the parts list to tell what they are. Does that router have speed control or soft start?
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