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Not Everything I Build is Furniture

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This fruit press just kind of fell into place after I found the old adjustment screw at a garage sale. My wife & I were into wine making at the time & wanted to get beyond kits.
We eventually reached a point when our wine consumption dropped to where it didn't make sense to make that much wine & all of our equipment has been sold.
NOTE, the legs & spindles on the base were not turned. They were double tapered on the table saw & then the corners were rounded over on the router table. The process is quick, easy, and repeatable. Even up close, it is hard to tell they weren't turned.
I have a post coming up showing the process. Paul

Furniture Chair Table Wood Antique
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well done...
Look forward to seeing that process, Paul. I'm not into turning, so using routers to get a similar look is very interesting to me. The router would be an easier way to transition a leg from square (for the mortise and tennon) to round and tapered. I have an antique nesting table set that is rounded, tapered and even fluted. Lovely little things I inherited from my parents. I've thought of making something like it, so your idea opens up how I can get it done. For a new member, you're work is making quite a splash.
No pix show? Just me? Looking forward to the tutorial...
No photo is my fault! There were two posts, identical, except one had the photo and one did not so I merged the two threads (confusing to have two identical threads). When I deleted the duplicate post it took the entire thread away, including the photo. So Paul, if you can repost the photo that would be great. Sorry!

No photo also. I thought I had a computer problem until I read Brian's post. Looking forward to pics.
Photo added to the first post - thanks for sending, Paul!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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