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I generally make about 1-box or basket a day. I just finished up 10 boxes from the past 10 days.
Here are pictures of a few plus a couple pictures of a walnut funeral urn that I had made earlier.
All the boxes are 8-sided with Zar oil-base finish. All of the boxes will go to Down Syndrome of Louisville. The Director said she could use them to take to kids in the hospital. I'll build up my inventory of boxes plus I am just getting started on making more baskets. Those will be done by next week.

The wood for the boxes are: padauk, tieter rosewood (also known as Bolivian rosewood) with tiger maple top, and ambrosia maple. There are just some of what I made.

Earlier this year I made 19 boxes for that organization for the folks that had loss their job because of the virus. I fill all of them with chocolate candy. I figured if they didn't like chocolate they weren't Americans. Several sent me Thank You messages. I didn't ask if there was candy in them incase the Director had eaten it instead.

Malcolm / Kentucky USA


1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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