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Not so instant replay

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DesertRatTom requested a replay of this project I did several years ago. It was a fun project that combined woodworking, model-making, and engineering skills. (There's that comma again, Tom.)
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That is the most amusing piece of craftsmanship that I have seen in a VERY long time !!
If that were my project, I would have been lost just after the can of red paint.
The words like excellent just doesn't cover your skills well enough. Thanks for sharing. (I missed it the first time).
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That’s very impressive , and the attention to details on another level
Thanks for reposting this. I just love this. I also recall that the miniatrues in the outhouse, included posters and TP roll. So much fun and the mechanism is very interesting.
I agree with John.
Nice to see you, Rick.
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