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Not Too Late For Introduction

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Hi everybody,

I've been bouncing around on this web site for a little over a week and I love everybody's comments. Woodworking is a hobby for me and it is somewhat of a passion to me when I can't play golf. I'm not great at either one but I do enjoy both. I really admire the skill and knowledge of true woodworkers and there seem to be a lot of them on this site that try to help the less experienced/skillful like myself. The more I read, the more I learn. I learned a lot by watching Norm Abram on the New Yankee Workshop and I am truly impressed by people with those skills. I think I'll enjoy reading people's comments/opinions for a long and I'll share some of my own whenever I can.

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Welcome to our little corner of of the world. Glad to see yet another join our group that shares a common passion. We all learn from each other and I think you will find a wonderful and diverse group of folks here. Each one quick to jump in and give a hand when needed. Please feel free to post often and offer what you have and can to the knowledge base.


You joined a great forum, welcome!
Welcome Bill. Always happy to hear from new members.
Let me add my welcome!

Thanks for all the welcomes guys. This looks like a great place learn. I look forward to visiting this site often and meeting people with similar questions and possibly helping others whenever I can.

Ed - thanks for making me work on the "What is it" questions. That's fun stuff.

Hello, Billwolley. Welcome to RouterForums!
Thanks Mark. It's fun to be here.

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