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Hi There Fraternity

Sitting quietly this morning having my first cup of tea and reading the morning papers about 10am. Now for you poor sods that are young enough to be working, this is what you do of a morning after you retire. In fact, this is what you do of most mornings, not wanting to rub it in.

Now of one of these mornings, working through my e mails I received a mail from Rockler. As usual gave it a quick look over and one item came to my attention, namely a chuck. Interest piqued, I linked to their site to find they were selling a Nova 30-year anniversary bundle for $159, which further piqued more interest. Now this bundle would retail at over $300 normally and as such they had limited it to one per customer, although I don’t know anyone who would need five identical chucks.

Now a couple of years ago I purchased a fairly low end lathe as I felt it was not going to be my main hobby, but rather an occasional tool for turning dowels etc. but after I purchased said lathe I never got around to the chuck mainly due to not having any money, but I had heard at the time Nova was quite a good make, which is where my problems begin.

Now as you know you guys and me guy love tools, and in my case not so much tools I need, but tools I want. Justification of usage doesn’t rear its ugly head and I have a few tools that have not been used in vain but look good in my workshop.

Now how do you justify spending 160 bucks on something you want. In my case I have to convince my wife the purchase will change our lives forever.

White lies are the answer, lots of them, one after the other, ignoring your conscience and pushing through, sets the scene.

But beware, convincing my good wife can be fraught with dangers and pitfalls. One slip of the tongue and say goodbye to a much sought-after addition to my workshop.

Wow that’s a good deal, what is. came the question, never lifting her eyes from her tablet. A company in Houston is doing a great deal on chucks. What’s a chuck came the question, again never lifting her head. It’s an essential piece of workshop equipment that would make life easier in my workshop. How does that affect me came the next question, apart from spending $160? I would be able to spend more time in the workshop, I replied. Buy it now came the reply.

So, thought I would share it with you. Did a Google and found another online shop that were selling it for who sold it to me for $139 inc tax and postage.

My son lives in Houston so had it sent there to pick up later on in the year when we visit. Now I think this was a good deal but would like to hear from you guys as to purchase.



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You ended up with the Nova G3, not the supernova2. The G3 comes in a 1x8 tpi, the supernova2, from what I can tell, is 1 1/4 x 8 tpi.

I have a mini and midi that are 1x8 tpi, I wish I could use the supernova2 chuck, I’d order that one.

In woodworking there is always more then one way to accomplish something.
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