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Oak Park Dovetail Jig

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Anyone that has purchased the Oak Park Dovetail Jig...I would be glad to get your input it.

Would it be a tool that a beginner could use?

If you had a choice would you purchase it over lets say a Keller or PC 4212 or the PC Omnijig?

I don't mind spending the time to try to perfect a dovetail so that is why I don't know which way to lean to.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I believe the Oak-Park dove tail jig you are talking about will not do corner (90*) dovetails, only in board dovetails meaning to join 2 boards in a linear fashion.

Oak-Park makes one that's neat but not the same as the Keller or PC 4212 or the PC Omnijig type, see link below.

But you should have the Oak-Park system base plate to use it right, the key to dovetail Oak-Park jig is the brass setup Pin,you can drill your base plate but it needs to be on dead center (the right spot ).

They have a neat jig to cut in heart type dovetails, you can see what it looks like by looking at the Sept.06 Contest, or see link below ▼
Scotts post (Bailey's Bedroom Suit) He didn't say he used the Oak-Park jig but it's the only one I know about that will make that type of cut,plus the Hearts ,By the way Scott, real nice job :).

So to say if you don't have a Oak-Park router systems you would be best off to get a PC or the one I like , it's not cheap but it works. jig
or the one below if you don't want to put that much money out for a dovetail jig. jig
I also like the one below ▼ BUT it's at 6" max.

Just a NOTE*** Bob N. on the forum had one for sale about a week or two ago but I don't know if he sold it. (PC Type,4212 I think) but you may want to drop him a PM and ask him, could be the right time and the right place to get a great deal on one.

Hope this helps with the Dovetail jig ?

Bj :)
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Will the DT jig let you cut Through DT's as well as Half Blind DT's??

They don't say in the description.
Hi Joe
You lost me what's a DT :)

Bj :)
Hi Joe
Just got it, will the OAK-Park jig let you cut DoveTails
Half Blind and Through Dovetails = yes

Bj :)
Just a bit slow today I guess :) :)

Sorry, but the PC4212 is sold. Went faster than popcorn at the movies :sold:
Allison, for starting out I suggest you get the Oak Park box joint jig. It is simple to learn and use, it also makes a strong decorative joint. Dovetails take a bit more patience to learn and perfect. With the many choices today such as pocket hole joinery, floating tenon systems, Miller dowels or even standard dowels, I would wait on the dovetail jig until you have a few projects under your belt.

Have you made any saw dust yet with your GREAT router system ?
Did you say it was $1400.oo +,? did it come with router bits also ? :)
if so what kind ? (brand name and type )
I know you said, you are going to make a router bit case, how many bits do you have.?
Just asking :)

Bj :)
Hi Bj,

Yep $1425.00 but I just bought a cheap set of bits at the tradeshow as I already had Whiteside bits ordered out of Saskatchewan (cheapest place I could find) which are on their way. I made sure to get the rabbeting set from Whiteside as well as the top 10 router bits from Fine Woodworking review.

I bought wood for the display cabinet out of

Glad you were able to sell it Bob! Nice set up... some one got a great deal!

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