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oak park router table

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i finally broke down and bought the router table plan through oak park. i received it just a couple days ago. i was looking at it and does anybody agree that it isn't the clearest of directions to build??? i am very new to wood working and i was hoping to see a breakdown of how to instructions. if anyone has built this, is it good for a rookie or should i wait till i have some kind of experience under my belt. like in the sequence of operations, it lists simple straight to the point events that need done. can anyone help me or let me know the easiest way to build this table?? i hope im not the only one that is not clear on this..................

reds_21 :(
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Actually it's not as hard as it seems. Yeah, I think the plans are good for a rookie. Just take your time on building the table. What you should do is start building from the base and work your way up. After putting the base together, follow the plans carefully and start building the cabinet and continue building until you get to the top part of the table. The plans might seem confusing but if you study the plans very carefully you will see that it all makes sense. Good Luck!

Boricua :cool:
boricua,,,have you ever built this table??????
reds_21 said:
boricua,,,have you ever built this table??????
Yup! Here's a link to the thread and a picture of the table.

Hey Reds 21: I agree with Biorica. I built my Oak Park Router table around 3 years ago and have not regretted it. I put casters on one end and that way I can move it where ever I want it. Study the plans, and like he said, start from the bottom up. Don't forget to check with a local cabinet shop to see about getting material for the top. Remember measure once and cut twice, but measure twice and cut once.
Have a happy router day.
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