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oak park tenon/coping jigs

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Does anybody have any experience with the tenon/coping jigs used on the router workshop. I am considering buying the base plate with the pre-drilled holes and these jigs, but wanted some feedback from someone with experience. They look awful handy on the show. Thanks.
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The box joint jigs work very well. A friend has made dozens of small boxes with them and they are still like new. I have used them a couple times and recommend them.
I am not sure what you mean by tenon/coping jigs ?.


Are you asking about the mortise and tension set up or the raised panel door set up. I have both and they are both easy to set up and use with vertually no measuring, only minor adjustments.
I was speaking of the coping "sleds" that are used. They have a toggle clamp for the workpiece and they slide along the fence.

The sleds you are taking about can be made quick and easy, you may not want to buy one but just make one or two of them.
You will wipe them out from time to time (the back stop part ) then all you need to do is replace that part of the jig.
You can use 1/4" plastic and hard wood and a hold down clamp or two that you can get from just about any wood workers supply store.

If you would like to see one I made just repost and I will post a snapshot of it/them.

Bj :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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