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Offset base plate - Yes or No

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I'm looking to build a table and I've seen some commerical tables with the base plate centered and some offset. Is one a better design than the other ? I got a CD Rom that came w/ the new P/C 890 i just got. Rick and Bob have a demo on making a table and suggest that it be offset. What are your thoughts ?

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I don't want to get too involved in the router table issues but one thing I have not seen mentioned is that when you have a router that comes out of the table (on a large mounting plate) this leaves a large hole in the table. When you are changing bits, template guides, setting bit profiles you need to have a place to sit the router. On the off-set table you have a place. On the centered ones...... well if it is a large centered one. So on this issue alone I would put a check on the off-set side of the list.


I would go for the off set base plate. I use to have a table with the plate centered and had to use my workbench to set up the router and make adjustments. Now I have the off set table and wouldn't go back to centered. Makes life easier to have that extra space on the side. Also if you need more table support to hold your stock, you can turn your fence around and use that side of the table. Lots of good reasons to have the plate off centered from the table. But of course that's just my opinion... Later...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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