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Ah, but a CNC just can't give you the satisfaction that chainsawing a Tiki can. Hehehe Yeah, I'll admit a CNC is way ahead for plaques and signs - but seeing as I don't do either of those I don't need a CNC. Nah, you guys can have all the fun you want with those new thingies, they just have no appeal to me. With my next Tiki, I think I'll just rough it out with a chainsaw, then if my son didn't walk off with my wood chisels, I'll finish it off with them, and homemade carving mallets. No memory will be harmed in the carving of a Tiki, just some new trick learning. And I don't have this Tiki anymore. It got ran over, on two different occasions, by one of my son's friends. Turned out it was rather infested with beetles and the second time killed it. Did last about 7 years tho, and definitely no problem finding my drive. But still got one in the shop.
Real men use Chainsaws.... and dremels, and CNC's, and sharp sticks to create stuff.. just have fun...


1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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