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Theo this is a chain saw project and well done.

We all need to remember, a CNC machine is just another tool in our shop and will never replace all the tools in the shop, there are things that are better done with other tools. This could be done with a CNC like 4D points out by slicing the model but this is a chainsaw project. Yes there could be someone do this with a CNC just for the challenge and boost their learning curve but would really not be my tool of choice. You could also use a 4th axis on a CNC with acquitted clearance and structure to carve the whole log at one time but that is still not a good use of the CNC machine.

You could also challenge table saw owners, band saw owners, and yes the owners of Dremel tools to do the same project and with the right setups, jigs, blades and cutters they could also make a reasonable reproduction but that would not be a good use for those tools.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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