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Old Bosch 4100

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I picked up a used 4100 a few months ago. I had done quite a bit of research on this particular saw. It was very highly rated so I hoped I made a good choice as I've moved beyond my trusty Ryobi TS.
It also has the fold down stand that converts to a trolly. It even has real tires with valve stems!
I got it home and deep cleaned it, crud on the jack screws etc. Went to pull the blade. Oh, Oh the nut was X-threaded. Took me almost an hour with cutting oil and faith. No damage to the arbor. Ordered a new one from Bosch, along with extra wear items.
Got it back together and it is a great saw. Holds settings and no run-out. Fence and miter are dead on.
So, I guess it was a good buy. Especially as I can't fit a full sized TS into my shop and this one is better than any of the Jobsite TSs I've looked at.
I'd recommend one of these pre-owned saws any day
PS: The new one has a few welcome changes. Still the basis is the same. Although the cart now has plastic tires.
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It's always a good feeling when a used tool buy turns out really well. Knowing how and where to look for parts is also a big help. Glad it worked out for you.
Of all the portable saws, the 4100 is the top of the heap. If I were starting all over again, it would be my first choice. It has always gotten top ratings on this site. Good choice and nice that all parts are available
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