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old but good tip on measuring

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While I expect most people here already know this tip some of the new to woodworking people may not.

When measuring the distance between like size holes it is very hard to find the centers of the holes to do the measuring. See attachment 1.

If you use the edge of the hole and the same edge of the second hole it is a lot easier. See attachment 2



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Go one step better for greater accuracy... don't use the corner of the scale... measure from the one inch mark and subtract the inch from your result. Your eye is reading apples-to-apples that way. i.e., it's harder to read the corner as accurately as you can read a line a line. :)
Hi Roefa

This is the one I use,,, It is so accurate it's scarey :)
It's bit high in price but so is wood now days but it's the best one I have found.
You put the pencil lead right into the ruler (5mm lead in the hole or slot) It's great and it's dead on...
The slots and holes you see in the snapshot below are for the lead in the pencil note the end of the ruler it also as 5mm notch for the pencil lead.

Incra IRSET18 18-Inch Marking Rule Set



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bobj3 said:
I don't know what I would do without my various Incra products. Seconded.
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