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Old but new

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I'm 66 years young and I use the router for just about anything I can get it to work on sometimes tho it takes longer to make a jig but it all pays off with a better cut.

you all keep up the good threads

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I'm with you, I enjoy making the jigs more than making the project it's always more of a challenge for me.
It's sometimes to easy just to copy some ones plans to make the item the normal way when the router can do most of it better with a jig or two.

Bj :)
Welcome to the forums Jim. Glad to see you use your router for just about anything. Way to go.

the "Doctor"
Welcome Jim. I hope you are ready to share your jig making experience with our members. We love to compare ideas and see what works best.
Welcome Jim, look forward to talking routers with you.
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