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Hello world!

I got into semi-serious woodworking when my house flooded years ago(I do NOT live in a flood plane or near any stream, pond, or even a water fountain). I bought a Skill 77 and a Jet contractor tablesaw to help me rebuild what nature had reclaimed. Big fun, buying tools!

First project was a cross to hang on my son's bedroom wall. Second project was a lot of the family room. Then came chair rail, molding (after the mold was removed!), a couple night stands for the kids, and on to some cabinets and desks.

I love the look of box joints but I learned why I should never again make drawers with box joints that were only as thick as my tablesaw blade kerf. At least those drawers will never come apart again!

Presently, I'm entertaining myself by making lots of drawers with 1/2" plywood and solid wood slips. They're for my son, my grandson and my daughter. I'm surprised at how strong those drawers are.

I used pocket screws butt joints and glue to hold the first drawers together but now, I use splines and the box is all wood.

I just used some shellac on the drawer and I used it outside and inside to see what all the hype was about when it came to finishing the inside of drawers.

It worked just fine for me and, I think, reduced the chance my grandson would get a sliver anywhere.

I'm hoping woodworking will help me reduce stress levels and blood pressure without me having to actually lose any blood.

I may not be the best woodworker but I sure am slow!

Good day to you!

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G'day Earl

Welcome to the router forum.

Thank you for joining us
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