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Hi all,

I picked up an old Craftsman Commercial router at an estate sale. The woman was selling off her father's tools and gave me a good deal on the router, table, and other accessories. Its my first full sized router as I've only owned a Ryobi trim router up to now. So I have some questions.

1) I took the top off to clean out the housing and noticed that the top of what's labeled Top Bearing plate is cracked (Part #3-606904-05). Is this going to be an issue in using it?

2) they included a plunge attachment but I am not sure if its compatible. As I mentioned the current owner inherited all this so she was not sure what went with what.

3) Did this router originally include a 1/2 collet in addition to the 1/4"?

4) What is the thing stuck to the top of this router? I have seen other routers of this same model on eBay and none had it

Thanks in advance. There's not a ton of info on this model since its pretty old so I am trying to figure out the state of usability is of this one.


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G'day @Langdon , welcome to the forum.

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1) That crack doesn't look good. The bearing could be loose up there. That might affect the the brushes. Maybe if that round part fits snug into the cap that might hold it together some but slop in a bearing seat is not good. If the bearing is vibrating or spinning in the seat, it will likely get worse. Maybe they dropped the router or replaced the bearing with a 'close' one.
2) The plunge base looks like a different manufacturer. 335 instead of 315 (Ryobi). Try it.
3) The manual mentions the collet is 1/4".
4) No idea ;-) is there any sign of it inside the cover?
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