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Hi all,

I picked up an old Craftsman Commercial router at an estate sale. The woman was selling off her father's tools and gave me a good deal on the router, table, and other accessories. Its my first full sized router as I've only owned a Ryobi trim router up to now. So I have some questions.

1) I took the top off to clean out the housing and noticed that the top of what's labeled Top Bearing plate is cracked (Part #3-606904-05). Is this going to be an issue in using it?

2) they included a plunge attachment but I am not sure if its compatible. As I mentioned the current owner inherited all this so she was not sure what went with what.

3) Did this router originally include a 1/2 collet in addition to the 1/4"?

4) What is the thing stuck to the top of this router? I have seen other routers of this same model on eBay and none had it

Thanks in advance. There's not a ton of info on this model since its pretty old so I am trying to figure out the state of usability is of this one.

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