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Old Dog learning New Tricks

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Hi Folks:
I just realized I've never signed on as a new member.
My name is Andy Hastings. I live in Northern California, I've wanted to get into furniture building for many decades but with raising a family and varies moves I've never had the: One Money. Two, time. Three space. Well I retired three years ago and realized I had no excuses left. The wife helped me build a small permitted shop in our backyard. To help keep the costs down I've bought gently used late model equipment and vintage hand tools. My brother had several of my Great grandfathers woodworking tools. He was a Master finish carpenter in Reno NV in the mid-late 1800s.
I've come to embrace the A&C movement and have been designing and building furnature that pays tribute to both Stickley and the Hall brothers who ran the Greene & Green furniture and millwork shop.
That's about it.
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Better late than never, Andy.....
great introduction and Howdy from Texas!
Some very helpful people here on this forum.
Glad you officially joined the fun. I'm probably not alone in hoping to see some of your furniture. That's pretty much the ultimate for woodworkers. If you look just below the writing field, you'll see a camera and just to the left of that, is a little rectangle. You click that and there's popup. You can drag and drop pictures from your computer onto it and then close it. Pretty easy. I'm really interested in seeing your work.
Take your time buying equipment.
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I really like what you wrote.
Hi Anna, hope I got your name right. This is a great group of people who love to be helpful and respond to questions. So welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forum @AnnaHajarajanan
G'day Anna, welcome to the forum.
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