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Old new guy

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I am old guy just getting back into doing some things with wood. Still have my old Craftsman router and table that I used to do a bunch of routing back 35 years ok. I now am of the occasion to tackle some kitchen doors and fronts and thought I would upgrade a bit. so I could use 1/4 and also 1/2 shank bits.
Caught a rockler table for sale used so I jumped on it and bought a dewalt 616 fixed mount because it takes both and I have had good results with almost all of there products.
I joined woodcraft and have gotten a few extra things from them.

Looking forward to talking (posting with some problems and on answer when I can along the way.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum
Welcome to the forum
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. As for the "old guy" status, you have a ton of members as old if not more so. My profile pic hasn't been updated in a while. I now have 3 granddaughters with the youngest turning 15 on the 8th. My how time fly's...........
Welcome from another old guy , almost ancient here :)..... who said ole dogs can't learn new tricks, we will learn from each other, help each other,& continue to grow. safety 1st!!!! you can't grow new fingers ,still have all of mine,,lots of scars , but length still there ,,,:)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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