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Old Stanley router ID help needed

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So I have a Stanley router:

Base is marked "82902" and "model .04"

Motor is marked "90150M" "model .04" and serial number "A38811"

This router works fine and all I really need is a set of brushes, as they are getting short and sitting crooked in the holders.

With all these numbers I have no luck searching for parts; all I seem to come up with is even more numbers (!).

Can anybody advise? thanks!
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Welcome to the forum

Try here. get good measurements of your brushes, you may have to shave them a bit to fit. Or, find a power tool service shop in your area, they should have a big kit full of different size brushes.

Good luck in the hunt,


Just found this page--- does your motor have the Bosch name on it as well?
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I think it's possible in many cases that the router maker outsourced the brushes and used something that also got used on other machines. A power tool service shop like Doug mentioned may recognize them and know what will work.

Remove one of the brushes to determine the style, measure its dimensions (you won't be able to determine the actual length of a new one) and then go to, type "motor brushes" in the search and match one of the many options to your brush type.
Welcome to the forum Alan. I suspect that the better solution may be to contact Stanley directly. You can do that using this link Tool Parts Direct don't even list Stanley as a brand under routers.
You have some good suggestions for alternate sources for brushes, but I'll add a few more. When I need replacement brushes, my nearest source, a good hardware store is near me. They have a bunch of pull-out drawers with hard to find mechanical and electrical hardware. Two of those drawers contain a bunch of different sizes of brushes. I pick out a pair that is longer, but otherwise matches the size and shape of my original brushes. The wear end of your brushes are curved from use, but the replacements will be flat on the end. This is not a problem. They will wear to a curve with use. There is almost always something that will work, but brushes are just soft carbon, so sometimes what I pick need a little filing with a fine tooth file to narrow the dimension(s) a little. This is dirty, messy work, but it's not hard to do. If you ever return a used brush, placing it back into the tool, be sure to orient the brush so the curved end is again oriented the way that it was when removed. The curve orientation should match the curve of the motor shaft.

You could also try Grainger or other industrial Supply stores like Johnstone Supply if one is near you. An electric motor repair/rewinding service shop is another place to try.

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