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Old woodworker

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Hi all:
Have done woodworking for about 20-25 years. Health made me stop.
I am now refinishing guns that I collected over the years but never had the time. I can sit down and do this. Also looking for any of you that make
Gun stocks. If you do email or leave a post. Thanks all
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Welcome to the forum,Sail,Doesn't seem to be much going on here in the gunstock dept., I think there was one post last year of a fellow making far out custom design target rifle stocks. We have several shooters here including myself though, if you are carving or checkering that would be interesting topic. Lots of other good information here about wood working . Feel free to jump right in the conversations.

Hello and welcome to the router forum.
Welcome to the forum, Sail.
Welcome to the forum Sail.
Welcome to the forum :)
Enjoy the forum Sail. Welcome to it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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