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Hi Rusty

"cabinet shop that will let search their scrap bins" = Free is always the best and you have the tool to make them longer, all you need is the right router bit. :)

In freight can make a good deal a bad deal on most of the wood on ebay and most like to over charge on the shipping cost to make up what they didn't get for the item they sold. :( i.e. I just got a item from ebay Fri.and he charge 14.95 shipping and the stamp on it was .63cents on the package.
buyer beware on most of the ebay items. :)

Finger Joint Bit
This is the one I have and it works best for me = Part # c1682 Plus they two others c1799z , c1367

Note***in the manual (PDF) for the Grizzly finger bit you will see the grain this not the norm when you router on the end of the board.
see snapshot below.
They make tons of molding,door frame,mop boards,etc. with the finger joints because it's hard to find stock that's true at 8ft to 12ft long and knot free.
They also cut long stock down to remove the bad parts and then run them by the finger bit and glue them up, some are prepainted but not all.

Bj :)


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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