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Online table saw basics class

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Woodsmith is offering an online class on basics of table saw use, conducted by Stumpy Nubbs. $200.

Here's the copy from the site:
This is the place to help you get the most from your table saw. This course, from Woodsmith magazine, led by an expert woodworker, covers techniques for making accurate and safe cuts at the table saw. No matter what kind of projects you have in mind, you’ll learn how to get the best results from your table saw.

All that, plus:

Maintaining your table saw
Setting up your saw for accurate cuts
Choosing the right blade for the task at hand
Making essential crosscuts and rip cuts
Cutting miters, tapers & bevels
Smart approaches for cutting plywood
Creating dadoes, rabbets, tenons, & lap joints

I know a number of members enjoy Stumpy Nubbs so I thought I'd post this item. I have really benefitted from many of the Woodsmith Shop videos in the past and the topics are probably good for beginners and intermediates. I guess you can watch and review the material. No endorsement intended, just interesting.
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Think I’ll pass.
I will say the same as Theo when he reads this. :surprise:

$200 is a lot of money.
I'm not trying to sell it, just letting folks know.
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I saw the same email and wondered how they would be received at $200 a pop. Not saying good instruction isn't worth good money but this seemed a bit rich. No dvds and no contact to ask questions. What I've seen of the Craftsy classes they seem well priced and you do have the ability to ask the instructor questions. Then there's the Woodworkers Guild of America that sells dvd instructional classes that seem very well produced. For what's out there Woodsmith's offering seems very pricey. But it could be well worth it to some. Say's it's not downloadable but most internet download software seems to handle most of what I've come across.
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@sreilly Their seasons of WoodSmith Shop programs are about $10 per season. Their first four seasons really cover the basics pretty well. After that, they became over produced, editing out details that are useful to see. I'd like their DVDs to have broken out of the half hour format to include more footage of details. Maybe as they edit, they could cut a long version, then cut that down to a half hour, then distribute the longer versions on DVD. That's probably the way editing goes now anyhow. Then they could market DVDs offering extra value of being more detailed than the free TV versions. I know they see the value of expanding marketing of existing assets, but I think they're trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip.
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